27 December 2012

UMT Care 4 Gaza

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello there people! How ya'll doing? I'm so not in the mood to study now. Don't know why. My brain feels like its already cracking with all the metabolism stuff. Not to include the alkane, alkene and alkyne. gahhhh So, to ease my brain from cracking, I am currently watching korean drama. hikhik

Oh, yesterday there was an event which is "UMT Care For Gaza". The person who gave speech talk to us how they can still go on with their live, smile and welcoming them [the volunteers], although they know that bullets are waiting for them. Watching pictures of them, videos, make me realize how strong they are. Wonder what its like if Malaysia was the target of the zionist. hurmmmm

Oh, the person also told us that Malaysia was once the target of the Israel Laknatullah. Have you heard the name of Henry Gurney. Yes, the school in Malacca for not-so-good student? Yes. He was actually the Operational Secretary of Israel. They plan to take over Malaysia and make Tanah Melayu as Palestine no 2. But they fail because of the Bintang Tiga. Yeah, I feel that we should thank Bintang Tiga for "saving" us from the Israel.

You think this is bullshit? Up to you to believe or not. Cause I'm sure they will do lots research before they confidently giving talk to people. No. I believe them 100 percent. Why the Israel want Palestine and Malaysia so bad? Cause our land is very strategic. If you want to go from west to east, you must pass through Malacca Coast. Must, there is no other way. Palestine is also very strategic, but I forgot which way is it.

He also said that the issues in Gaza is not only the issues of Arabic people, we too must concern of this problem because Palestine is the land, waqaf land for muslim people all around the world. Palestine is our land too. Many take lightly about the boycott issues too. Did you know, even the country that Islam is not their official religion take this issues seriously. Do you know why? Cause they have this humanity spirit inside of them. So, why can't you take this seriously. How could you donate to these company to buy bullets for our brothers and sisters who suffer in Palestine? This boycott issue is not a new thing. This is a sunnah from our Rasulullah s.a.w

I just want all of you to open your eyes and see what is happening in this world. Please always pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and do take seriously on boycott issues. Also do donate whatever you can give to our brother and sister there, I'm begging you.

Free Gaza, Free Palestine

footnote : Sorry for the topsy-turby grammar.

care for gaza care for palestine
- amira_hasrori -


Qistina Sumaiya...(^_^) said...

oh nice... thanks for this entry

amira_hasrori said...

@Qistina Sumaiya

ur welcome :)


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