09 March 2015

Brushing Up My Writing Skills

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there! It's me. Again. Of course.

It's a whole new semester again. And the workload is appearing one by one. And here I am, should be doing the assignment and lab reports, but updating this blog.

I don't really remember why do I start this blog actually. Maybe just following the trends those days. People were crazy collecting followers on their blog. Blogwalking, power blogger, is a common words that people use back then. But now, people no longer read blogs. They changed to Instagram nowadays. 

But, nevermind. I still want to update this blog. Not to collect followers that never comment on freaking-no-reader-blog, but to brush up my writing skills. I do notice that I write mostly in English nowadays. Back then, I doesn't even dare to write a sentence in English. However, I no longer remember to use the flowery-flattery-Malay language. sobs

Because I'm taking the elective subject of Bahasa Melayu Ilmiah, maybe I can polish back my writing skills in Malay too? Perhaps?

Nothing interesting to write here anyway. I'm just stating that I might, repeat, I might, starting to write actively once again. InsyaAllah.

May Allah bless you ;)
- amira_hasrori -


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