31 December 2013

2013 Post-Mortem

Walaikumussalam :)

Memandangkan dua ribu tiga belas sudah hampir ke penghujung, aku terasa macam nak buat post-mortem on my 2013 Wishes and 2013 Wish List. So, here we go!


1. To be happy with my family and friends. Checked!
My relationship with my family, especially, is getting better towards ending of this year and I hope we will be a one happy family till jannah, insyaAllah :)

2. Dapat JPA scholarship #insyaAllah Failed :(
Memandangkan result sem 2 aku yang teruk gila, menjunam jatuh ke gaung wa cakap lu, jadinya peluang nak mintak scholar tu pun aku kuburkan sajelaa. InsyaAllah, sem ni mungkin?

3. Gain many friends, nak tambah network hihi  Checked!
Errmmm, since aku join a forum and made friends there, so it still counts la kan? Even virtually pun? So, yeah! Success!

4. Menjadi pelajar yang cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang cewaaahh In progress?
Ehem, yang ni memang tak boleh nak kata apa lah kan. Tunggu je lah result time grad nanti. kekeke

5. Tingkatkan ilmu, kurangkan bergosip hikhik In progress?
Yup, yang ni pun sama jugak. On going process sebenarnya. hiks

6. Maintain berat badan :p Failed :(
Guess what? Berat aku dah naik and I'm not happy with that. Yup, I need to diet. And exercise too.

7. Matangkan diri sendiri In progress?
On going process too. But I feel that I'm more mature that last year lah kot. That's a good thing kan?

8. Kurangkan sifat panas baran dan banyak bersabar okay, ini sangat susah Checked!
This one, aku noticed aku dapat kawal la sedikit sebanyak perasaan marah aku tu. Tapi kalau time PMS faham-faham jelah. hehe

9. Dapat jadi fasi untuk MJM sesi 2013/2014 Failed :(
Failed the interview sobs :'(

10. Jadi senior yang disenangi junior hikhik In progress?
Setakat ni tak jumpa lagi junior sebenarnya. Tak tahu lah kenapa, this year tak buat program dengan junior. MKT terlepas pandang agaknya. Hmmmm, so, on going process?

11. Dapat jadi seorang yang outstanding sikit ini sangat propa :P Failed :(
deep sigh Aku failed tiga interview this semester, and so yeah. Malu la jugak nak jumpa orang-orang yang menginterview aku tu, even aku tau diorang mesti takkan ingat aku punyalah. Yelah, tak outstanding, macam mana nak lepas interview kan? sigh

12. Nak dapat blackbelt in taekwando yeahh Failed :(
Pergi kelas pun tak, nak dapat blackbelt cenggana? kekeke

13. Keep this relationship till jannah #insyaALLAH ayat cliche sangat! Failed?
Jap, relationship apa eah? o.O Hmmmm. Entah. haha Who am I kidding?! Okay, okay, I admit it. I was STUPID, I WAS stupid and I'll NEVER be stupid again. Thank God now, I'm not stupid anymore. Lesson learnt and I'm grateful for that. My life is now even happier. So, this is considered a success? Failed? haha Lu pikir la sendiri noks!


1. Sweater Checked!
My sister gave it to me, since dia tak pakai and since aku pun memang nak sweater, so aku ambik jelah. And it was lovely! 

2. Selipar dalam bilik Failed :(
Tak jumpa yang comel, so aku tak beli >.<

3. Table lamp Failed :(
Memandangkan dah tukar bilik and tak memerlukan jadi tak perlu beli. Still aku nak jugak satu. hehe

4. Norman Baby Blue from Sometime Boutique Checked!
First item yang aku beli dalam wish list aku ni hah. And proud to have it :)

5. Hard disk Checked!
Buy one on my on and using my own money. So proud to have one. Tapi macam tak cukup je sebab yang ada ni pun dah almost penuh. Have to buy one more. eheh

6. Ipod touch 4th generation Failed :(
Don't have the money. Me is so pathetic. sigh

7. Samsung Galaxy S3 Failed :(
Ya ya, I know. Now I want to buy S4 or even considered an iPhone. keke Just want a new phone actually. And yeah, Puan Mama dah approve nak beli next year. Using my own money of course =.=

8. DSLR Camera Failed :(
This one memang tau dah takkan dapat dalam dua tiga tahun ni. But sekarang tengah gigih mengumpul duit nak beli. Kak Long dah beli dah, and memang tak lah dia nak kasi orang sentuh dia punya gadget kan. So yeah, definitely have to buy on my own.

Okayyyy, so that was it. Banyak yang failed daripada success. Maybe I should lessen on my wish and actually start doing them. And by doing them like seriously DOING them! So, that's how I sum up my 2013. How about yours?
May Allah bless us in the future :)
- amira_hasrori -

20 December 2013


Walaikumussalam :)

I took this story from a forum and I think it is very greedy of me if I don't share it with every one else. So, please seat back and enjoy this masterpiece. This is just a copy and paste story. All credits should be given to chocochoissa :)
D o l l h o u s e

“When will he spare me a glance?” she slouched on her desk as she asked her two confidants.

“Stop crouching, dear” one of them replied while dignifiedly fanning herself, “Or the governess would engulf you in her endless badger. You know she’s not fond of lousy postures. A bad posture will affect your lovely voice.”

“B-but… Minho would not even look in my way,” she sat up straight and fixed her wrinkled skirt.

“It is because of how you look! You look unsuitable, dear,” the other confidant confessed, “Your hair is always tousled and you run around like a school boy who just got out of school.”

Silence managed to reign in their little afternoon tea.

She knew better. She knew what her friends are trying to point out.

She is not lovely. She is not beautiful. She is unappealing.

Why would someone like Minho spare a glance at her? She is mundane – her hair always disarranged, her nose surrounded by a colony of freckles and her eyes, which can never be compared to the stars on midsummer nights, hidden within spectacles.

“I know,” she whispered, trying to hold back her tears so much that her throat started to hurt, “I know that I am not beauteous.”

“Whatever you desire, my friend, if you earnestly wish for it, you can achieve it. You can win his heart. Yes! You can win his heart through your sweet voice,” the second confidant empathized with her.

“Or you could ask for a little intervention of someone I know,” the first confidant stopped fanning herself and sat properly, “His name is Key. He grants the ardent desires of damsels in romantic distress.”

She took a carriage went to town to meet him – the one who could help her attain Minho’s fragile heart. From what her confidant had said, he is a doll maker who runs a doll shop in the farthest side of the city near the woods.

She roamed her eyes around her surroundings. She has never been in this remote part of the city. But then again, she never ventured out her own shelter.

Everything looks abandoned – from the dead oak trees to the rundown establishments. The place looks so gray and dull that it sent an eerie feeling of loneliness and depression. She cannot see a single living creature on the road. The only thing she can hear is the sound of the clattering of the hooves of the carriage’s horses.

“We’re here, young miss,” her chauffeur brought her back from her reverie while opening the carriage’s door.

She took a shaky step towards a shop that seems to have stopped in time. In front of her is an old-fashioned manor surrounded with unattended array of flowers and bushes.

“Are you sure we arrived at the correct place?” she doubted.

“Yes, young miss,” the chauffeur nodded.

She gulped. The place’s metal windows are covered in rust. The manor’s garden is unattended. The place looked more like a neglected house rather than a doll shop.

She took small steps towards the door – still unsure whether to ask for his help or just leave. When she reached the front porch, she opened the door.

The bells chimed causing a man with an idiosyncratic fashion to gaze at the door. He was stitching a lovely doll’s broken arm when she arrived.

“U-uhmn,” she mumbled, “Good afternoon, sire.”

He looked at her. She looked at him. An eerie silence follows. She roamed her eyes around the shop. There are hundreds of Victorian dolls displayed on the place’s floor to ceiling shelves. She shivered. The dolls are lovely, yet, a sinister feeling is emanating from them. She put her eyes back on him.

“You need my help,” he stated rather than asked. She did not answer, “I can help you with your romance but it comes with a price.”

“How much do I need to pay?”

“I need not your money,” he continued working on the doll, “I need something else.”

She examined himHe has a hair that shines upon contact with the sunlight. And the way he dresses is unusual. He is wearing a black coat draped over his tall stature. His eyes are deep; one look at them would probably drown you.

“Will you do everything to win his heart?” he gazed at her as if measuring her sincerity.

“Definitely,” she raised her chin in defiance.

“It is a deal then,” he held out his hand. She took it.
She woke up when a ray of sunshine hit her pale pallor. She looked around her and realized that she was in an unfamiliar room.

“You’re awake,” Key went near to her bed while holding a mirror, “Meet the new you.”

He held the mirror in front of her face – she gasped. It was the same face, yet something feels different. Same face but different aura. Her spectacles were nowhere to be seen while her hair was neatly tied into a bun. It was a different her.


“My name is Key, remember?” he said nonchalantly, “I am the key to unlock you."

“What is the price I have to pay for this new face?” she asked him nervously.

“Your voice.”
She cannot sing – not even a single line. He reminded her that she should not sing – not even a note – or she would be broken. Even speaking seemed so hard for her but she does not mind as long as she can win Minho’s favor.

“I really like you,” Minho kissed the back of her right hand while kneeling, “I cannot seem to get you out of my dreams every night.”

She remained silent.

“But you talk so little,” Minho chuckled, “I would like to hear your heavenly voice. Rumors say that your voice can bring shame to the songbirds.”

“My throat is not in its best condition,” she croaked and took her hand away from Minho.

Minho stood up and went behind her, “Stay put, my lady.”

She felt him lifting her hair and encircling his arms around her. Then, she felt a cold string dangling from her neck

“This is my present,” he gently turned her around to face him, “Never lose it or I would be cross.”

It was a silver necklace with an infinity pendant. She touched it and felt the chill of the silver chain. Warmth crept into her heart. She did it. She won Minho’s heart. She smiled.

“Would you sing a single line for me?” Minho requested as he put his arms around her waist.

She thought about it. She had not tried singing since she went to the doll shop. She can speak, so she can sing right? It is just a line. Key might just be overreacting.

Should all acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?

Her sweet voice filled the air.

She felt the pang of the wind.

She felt her throat burning.

She was broken.

“I told you not to sing even a note,” he mumbled while fixing her throat, “Look at what happened to your throat.”

He got his needle and pierced it through her neck, “Now, I have got to fix you.”

While stitching her, he noticed a silver necklace with an infinite pendant dangling on her“He got you a necklace? It fits you.”

The bells chimed.

“Another customer, huh?” He said while mending her neck.

“U-umn,” the customer stuttered, “Hello?”

The customer went to him and glance at what he was doing, “The doll’s lovely.”

“She is, isn’t she?” Key smiled at the customer, “But her throat’s broken.”


“She broke it while singing,” he continued working on her.

“The doll sings?” the customer was astonished.

“Yes, she does,” he placed his needle and thread down and held her lovingly, “Want to hear her sing?”

The customer nodded.

Should all acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?

Her sweet voice filled the air.

“She’s so pretty and I love her voice,” the customer said enviously.

“I could make you like her,” he gazed at her.

“How much do I have to pay you?”

“I need not money,” his dark orbs stilled onto her, “I need something else.”

“What do you want?”

“Your eyes.”

Little girls’ dreams are often evanescent and pure. The young are always passionate when it comes to achieving their goals that they forget the greater things in life – the things that they should value.

Let us not be the dolls of our desires.

Desperation is different from determination.

Be on guard, lest all your dreams come true as well.

“Be careful with what you wish for, because you just might get it all,” Key said while working on her eyes.

A/N (11/08/13)
http://www.youtube.c...h?v=1rCZduGdax8 - my favorite version of Auld Lang Syne. Hear it if you want 
Auld Lang Syne translates into 'time's long past' - TanTanTan

Sometimes, we never knew what we had, yet we always wanted what others have. Be grateful and appreciate what ever you had because in the end, you'll never know what you lose for. 

"You only miss the sun when it starts to snow."
- amira_hasrori -

15 December 2013

Random Rant #2

Walaikumussalam :)

There's been a long time since I write a long entry. I suddenly had this urge to write, but I actually don't have anything to write at all. So, I'm just going to rant all the way. Bear with me please :)

Tests, reports and exams. Its really killing me right now. No, not only me, my whole batch is like a zombie I think. kekeke By this week, we have a total of four tests to be done and I am so doomed. Pray for me guys. sobs :'( #prayforamirahasrori

As writing this I didn't think of anything exactly. hehe Pity for those who read this. This is a total random rant and I believe does not have any benefit for those who read it. It's just my mind where in chaos so I just want to let it out by writing. That is all. hehe Sorry :)

Now I'm totally into this K-pop things. haha Too old to do those stuff eyy? Don't know, as long as I'm happy, I think it is good enough right?

Oh, last month, we have annual dinner, thinking whether to post the picture here or not. Afraid of some stalkers who like to steal other pictures so I guessing I will not post it here I guess. The world is too scary right now. Yesterday, I've been told that a 9 months baby got rape. What in the world is this?! Guess earth is not safe anymore. I'm going to the moon. hehe

Oh, wait. I'm ranting in English! Wow, that's an achievement. Never write fully in English before. Thumbs up for me! Have to get going now.

For you who have been reading this, and all my entries, thank you very much! :D

Zombie mode on
- amira_hasrori -

27 November 2013

My Dream Guy?

Assalamualaikum :)

I have a super wild imagination.
That I will marry my favourite idol.

And I want to stand in the rain with you :)

SHINee dream girl is SHINee World :3
-SHINee Jonghyun-

 I'm not crazy, I'm just mischievous maybe? ;)
- amira_hasrori -

04 November 2013

Emotionally Tired

Assalamualaikum :)

To be honest, I don't really know what to write in this entry. It just that I want to tell others what I feel right now, but I just don't found the right person yet to say everything out loud. Yet, I also don't know what to tell, what do I really feel, what do I hope I feel. I also do not know myself either. I just need someone to hold me tight, stare right into my eyes and said, just let it out, you can trust me.

Yeah, I have trust issues. I do not trust people easily. I don't share my problems easily even to my family. I need a person who I can trust to keep my secrets, to comfort me, to listen to my problems, to advice me. It's true that I have my best friends, my mum, my dad, my sisters. It's just that I don't really have the courage to trust them. It's not that they can't be a good listener or can't keep my secrets. It's really had nothing to do with them. It is me who had problems right now. I have a major trust issues. And I don't think it can be cured. Can it?

Anyway, I really need to sort out my feelings and my emotions. I really love my family and my friends, I really do. It's just that I don't have the courage to trust them. I'm sorry I'm like this. I truly am.

Maybe it was His way to call me to return to Him? Who knows? Wallahualam.
This is one of the reason why I don't like to be all alone. Banyak berfikir is not really good. haha Yeah, I'm all alone in these past five days. May Allah bless Fatin Amirah binti Mohammed Hasrori, for her courage to stay alone even at night in that empty room :)

p/s: Missing home badly :'(
I bought brand new a rainbow umbrella and I am so happy! :D
- amira_hasrori -

01 November 2013

Dr Phil's Test

Assalamualaikum :)

Hai kawan-kawan! Pernah dengar pasal Dr. Phil's Test tak? Aku pun tak pernah dengar pasal benda ni. Haritu ada one of my friends on fb buat test ni and it seems interesting to me so aku pun try la buat.

This is like a personal test and you can know what kind of person you really are. Enjoy and have fun! :D

Dr Phil Test from VistaComm
I'm sensible, cautious, careful and practical, haha.
- amira_hasrori -

30 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday #9

Assalamualaikum :)

Nice and tidy workplace produce geniuses #eh
- amira_hasrori -

18 October 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

Terima kasih kerana telah memberi khidmat yang baik kepada aku selama 8 bulan 13 hari. Jasamu dikenang.

RIP Blue purse
now everyone should know what I want for my birthday right? n.n
- amira_hasrori -

09 October 2013

Through My Windows

Assalamualaikum :)

This is what I see through my windows in the room at UMT.

Someone literally said this to me:
"Look around and see. Life is beautiful."
Life is indeed beautiful :)
- amira_hasrori - 

28 September 2013

내 사랑?

Assalamualaikum :)

guys, meet SHINee Kim Jonghyun :)

- amira_hasrori -

21 September 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

Mimpi. Mimpi tu mainan tidur kan? Tapi kalau mimpi benda yang hampir sama berkali-kali adakah itu petanda? I don't really know about tafsiran mimpi or what-so-ever. Lately mimpi this one guy but I don't know who he is. Tak nampak muka. Biasa la tu kan? Is it human or ? Gahhhh, I don't really know what to say. Bila difikirkan balik, it's kinda scary actually. Tapi mimpi tu takde lah scary pun sebenarnya. Just bila difikir-fikirkan balik je. Semalam mimpi a guy in blue shirt. Who is that guy? I don't know. What he wants? I don't know either. Hopefully this remain as dream. Kalau nak jadi reality pun, make it that guy is human, not something else that is scary. Ya Allah, lindungilah hambamu ini. Aminnnn. 
hello guy in blue, who are you?
- amira_hasrori -

16 September 2013

Weekend Getaway

Assalamualaikum :)

* Get ready for photo spamming in this entry :D

Memandangkan weekend takde buat apa-apa dan tersangat bosan, jadi aku saja-saja la post kat dalam group Rawr Family kat fb.
Tak sangka post yang saja-saja tu mendapat sambutan pulak. Semua duk komen, nak gi mana? Bila? Padahal aku saja je post. Tak berniat pun nak betul-betul pergi. So, in the end aku bagi suggestion, "pergi Lata Tembakah jom?!" And hell yeah, here we go. The most awesome weekend I've ever spent in UMT began. 

Perbincangan yang mencecah beratus-ratus komen kat fb. Mula-mula ingat nak pergi hari Isnin (16 Sept) sebab hari Sabtu (14 Sept) the girls kena cucuk third dose HPV vaccine. But then the boys pulak tak nak. Tak nak tangguh-tangguh katanya. So, kitorang pun decided untuk ponteng vaccination, instead, we will go next week. hehe Nakal sungguh budak-budak ni tau. Therefore we've decided to go on 14 September which is last Saturday.

Memandangkan Nana tak ikut, so the girl muat satu kereta jelah, and the boys naik kereta Pidot. Kitorang sewa kereta Viva sehari RM90 fulltank RM60 tapi kitorang isi RM30 je sebab kereta tu ada dua bar dah. hehe Remember to ask the orang kereta sewa, nak kereta yang elok untuk berjalan jauh so that nanti takde la problem apa semua. Alhamdulillah, kereta yang kitorang naik tu selamat pergi dan selamat sampai balik UMT :)

Makan dalam kereta sebab kebuluq, tak breakfast punya pasal. Special thanks to Chibi yang sponsor nasi lemak sebungkus kongsi lima orang. hehe

Singgah rumah Faqih kejap, ambik barang untuk barbecue sebelum bertolak ke Lata Tembakah. wee~~

Pidot excited dengar nenek Faqih berborak dalam bahasa Ganu. haha

Posing depan kereta baru Pidot.

Dua makhluk Tuhan yang paling excited jumpa air.
Barbecue time!
Ayam dan sosej, nyum nyum!

Sebenarnya tengahari tu hujan. So kitorang stop untuk lunch kejap. Then, bila hujan dah reda, kitorang masuk dalam air balik. Memang puas gila dapat mandi dari pagi sampai petang. Rugi tak datang. Bayaran masuk RM2 untuk dewasa; RM1 untuk kanak-kanak. Tahun lepas tak kena bayar lagi, start tahun ni yang ada entry fees apa semua tu. Tapi yang tak best, toilet dengan tempat persalinan baju dia sangat la low class you! Ingat nak buat feedback haritu tapi tak jadi sebab nak balik cepat. Nanti sesapa yang sampai kat sana, cakap kat pak cik yang kutip duit tu supaya upgrade toilet dengan tempat persalinan and surau sekali ye. Mekasih :)

Kepenatan, lalu tertidur. haha
Sayang sangat dekat kereta hah, baru kotor sikit dah kena mandi.

On the way nak balik tu singgah kat satu port ni, tak tahu la nama tempat tu apa. Dan kami ber-camwhore-ing di situ. hehe

Comel kan saya? hehe Chibi takde dalam gambar ni, wuwuwu~~

Balik tu singgah kat Masjid Ulul Albab dekat Jerteh. Menariknya masjid ni, the whole masjid is made from wood. Sangat cantik. Tapi disebabkan hari pun dah gelap, nak maghrib dah, so takde la nak ber-camwhore-ing kat masjid ni. Lagipun sangat lah tidak proper kan. 

Actually sampai UMT dalam pukul sembilan plus plus, tapi sebab kitorang nak singgah Mydin so, extend jelah sewa kereta tu jadi sehari. Kalau tak, nak amik half day je. Lepas shopping kat Mydin, beli dinner, then decided untuk lepak makan dekat waterfront. Best sebab angin dia yang menusuk kalbu tu. Maybe sebab waktu tu nak hujan lah kot. Tu yang angin sejuk je tu. Gambar takde sebab muka time ni selebet gila. hewhewhew Lepas makan tu, round bandar. Lambai-lambai orang kat tepi jalan. Serious takde kerja. haha Then lalu depan pengantin yang buat photoshoot. Kitorang expect nak lalu slow-slow but then Ssha buat kerja gila, dia pergi stop betul-betul depan pengantin tu hah. Dah tu, tak tahu nak buat apa, jerit kuat-kuat, "Selamat Pengantin Baru!" dekat diorang pastu terus blah. Adoy, mendebarkan betul. Pengantin laki watlek watpis je cakap thanks, pengantin perempuan, malu-malu kucing, senyum je. huhu

It was a whole new experience for all of us. First time kot merayap malam-malam kat Ganu ni hah. Tapi Ganu kot, what do you expect? Malam-malam memang takde orang sangat pun. Kedai pun semua dah tutup. Then, decided to balik UMT sebab minyak pun dah kelip-kelip ku sangka api hah.

Like seriously setakat ni, the best memories I've made dekat UMT ni. Hope there will be another moment like this in the future, and our friendship will last forever. InsyaAllah :)

Looking to the future!
*My most favorite picture plus the one in the previous entry.*

Together we're strong!
Lot's of love,
- amira_hasrori -


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