15 December 2013

Random Rant #2

Walaikumussalam :)

There's been a long time since I write a long entry. I suddenly had this urge to write, but I actually don't have anything to write at all. So, I'm just going to rant all the way. Bear with me please :)

Tests, reports and exams. Its really killing me right now. No, not only me, my whole batch is like a zombie I think. kekeke By this week, we have a total of four tests to be done and I am so doomed. Pray for me guys. sobs :'( #prayforamirahasrori

As writing this I didn't think of anything exactly. hehe Pity for those who read this. This is a total random rant and I believe does not have any benefit for those who read it. It's just my mind where in chaos so I just want to let it out by writing. That is all. hehe Sorry :)

Now I'm totally into this K-pop things. haha Too old to do those stuff eyy? Don't know, as long as I'm happy, I think it is good enough right?

Oh, last month, we have annual dinner, thinking whether to post the picture here or not. Afraid of some stalkers who like to steal other pictures so I guessing I will not post it here I guess. The world is too scary right now. Yesterday, I've been told that a 9 months baby got rape. What in the world is this?! Guess earth is not safe anymore. I'm going to the moon. hehe

Oh, wait. I'm ranting in English! Wow, that's an achievement. Never write fully in English before. Thumbs up for me! Have to get going now.

For you who have been reading this, and all my entries, thank you very much! :D

Zombie mode on
- amira_hasrori -

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