09 March 2015

Brushing Up My Writing Skills

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there! It's me. Again. Of course.

It's a whole new semester again. And the workload is appearing one by one. And here I am, should be doing the assignment and lab reports, but updating this blog.

I don't really remember why do I start this blog actually. Maybe just following the trends those days. People were crazy collecting followers on their blog. Blogwalking, power blogger, is a common words that people use back then. But now, people no longer read blogs. They changed to Instagram nowadays. 

But, nevermind. I still want to update this blog. Not to collect followers that never comment on freaking-no-reader-blog, but to brush up my writing skills. I do notice that I write mostly in English nowadays. Back then, I doesn't even dare to write a sentence in English. However, I no longer remember to use the flowery-flattery-Malay language. sobs

Because I'm taking the elective subject of Bahasa Melayu Ilmiah, maybe I can polish back my writing skills in Malay too? Perhaps?

Nothing interesting to write here anyway. I'm just stating that I might, repeat, I might, starting to write actively once again. InsyaAllah.

May Allah bless you ;)
- amira_hasrori -


Fai Haneul said...

It's nice to see many blogs around, but not many of them are a "true" bloggers. most of them goes for followers, and don't even care to comment or to reply comments.. they just leave something like "bw" or "hi" and expect people to follow their blog =.=

anyway, it's good that you are starting all over again. I myself have been reblogging again and I hope to improve my english too XD my malay? don't ask... keke~


amira_hasrori said...

Hi Fai Haneul,
Thanks for visiting. Yeah, back then, people use blog to collect followers but the content doesn't worth to follow. Anyway, wish you all the best to improve your language skills ^^


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