05 February 2015

Too Lazy To Do Anything

Assalamulaikum :)

Hey there. What's up?

Like seriously I'm so lazy to do things that I should have done, but here I am updating this freaking-no-visitor blog. keke I'm in the middle of the holiday right now. Although it's holiday, but there's so much things that can be done to be to kick out the boredom but honestly, because of the super laziness that is nesting right on top of my head, I'm doing nothing. Just laying around on my bed, watching dramas or playing games in my phone. 


Here's a list of what I'm supposed to do during this almost-ending-holidays:

1. Find FYP (Final Year Project) topics and proposed to a lecturer to be my supervisor. I have proposed by the way, but there is no feedback from the lecturer, so I'm actually clueless about my proposal. Is it being ignored because she reject it or she ignore my email because she's actually busy and doesn't have the time to check her email yet. I don't know.

2. Wrap the album because I should post tomorrow. The albums that I have received, one of them is damaged. So that's why I'm posting back to change to a new one. There's no reason to tell everyone about this anyway. Oh well.

3. Clean my sister bedroom because I'm expecting visitors tomorrow. Should have start cleaning up this morning, but I'm not doing it until now. Too lazy. urghh

4. Confirming and retype for the reunion lodging because I volunteer to be the person in charge. LOL And up till now I'm still doing nothing except for the fact that I'm writing this because I think that this blog hasn't been updated for a quite long time.

And so yeah. That's the list that I'm supposed to do today, but I keep procrastinate and nothing is done because I'm feeling lazy.

Let's sing Lazy Song by Bruno Mars!

Till then.

- amira_hasrori -

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