22 July 2015

30 Days Challenge : Day 13

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi! It's been months now since the last update. Although I have mentioned that I want to continue writing, I am actually a really lazy person who always wanted to do something but doesn't have the effort to do that thing. tsk tsk tsk Is there any medicine to kick ass this laziness of me? Oh well, I guess if there is any, I still will be too lazy to even go out and buy it. keke

Back to the topic, since I didn't know what to write but the urge to write is still there at the most bottom and deepest of my heart ahahaha I decided to continue with the 30 days challenge thingy that I have abandoned years ago. So, let's get started! Or rather continued? keke

Day 13: Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

I really want to travel and discover a whole new world. It doesn't necessary to go outside from the country, because in Malaysia there are a whole lot of interesting that I don't visit yet. Travelling indeed need a lot of money, but if I have that extra money, to buy experiences, why not, right? But being a student with no scholarship or any sponsorship, I have to postpone my dreams to travel and just listing countries that I want to visit some fine day. That should be my "Countries to visit bucket list" right? Oh well.

The most country I want to visit right now is South Korea. Most people that are close around me would of course can guess why I want to go there so much. This is because the craziness of the Kpop thingy that I picked up two years ago makes South Korea the one place that I really want to visit if I ever have the money to.

My main reason to visit South Korea

I also want to visit United Kingdom and experience the "changing guard" ceremony, taste different kind of food and observe the culture there. Western culture might be very different from us in Eastern, so I really want to experience that too.

Beside that, if I ever had a chance to further my studies or work overseas, I would definitely grab that chance. Even though Malay proverbs do mention, "hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri", which means although there's fortune in other country, our own country is still the best. But, how would I know if my country is the best when I never go outside Malaysia to even compare? Of course people would said, what is the use of the Internet? But it will never be the same compared to when you experienced it yourself right?

So, that's it. I think I should stop here before I went further from the topic and run out of topic to write. keke

Anyway, I think it's not too late to wish to all the muslims out there;
I would want to apologies for all the wrongdoings that I have been done whether is intentional and most of it of course its unintentional and I absolutely do not realise it, I am really really sorry. Of course all the good things comes from Allah swt and all the bad things comes from me and myself.
Hope all of you get an Aidilfitri that is full of His blessings.
Till then,

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