24 July 2015

Allergic Rhinitis

Assalamualaikum :)

So a few days ago, I went to the hospital with my aunt and cousins to check for my sinusitis (resdung) condition. Apparently, the doctor said that my (inside, I don't know the exact name) nose has swollen. She gave me a reference letter to consult to the ENT (Ears Nose Throat) specialist.

And so I went there. Fortunately it was 4th day of Hari Raya and there were not so many patients there. Therefore, I can see the specialist without having to make an appointment. Oh wow, it sounds like a formal essay that would be submitted to the teacher. keke Oh well. There, the doctor run the scop (I don't know the exact name, but the doctor call it that so, yeah) and I could see with my own eyes that my inner nose is swelling (sound really gross right? keke). You know how the scop run in my nose? It's like a long rod that piercing inside my nose. I can feel the rod is moving but I doesn't hurt. Maybe it was because before running the test, the medical assistant had sprayed the inside my nose with something. I don't know what it was but it sting a little.

And so I was diagnosed to have allergic rhinitis. I can't eat nuts, seafood, and cold food. I also have to avoid myself from the dust and cool weather (like a room with aircond because obviously Malaysia didn't have winter). The doctor also give prescription to me that I have to use every single day without a miss. And therefore my live now is depending on the medicine, and Allah swt of course.

That's it. My story on how I visit the specialist on Hari Raya Aidilfitri. keke It really isn't an interesting story for other people, but it was definitely a historic day for me because of the scope thingy. LOL

Till then,
- amira_hasrori -

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