01 January 2014

Selamat Dua Ribu Empat Belas!

Walaikumussalam :)

Hey there! Aloha! Oh yeah! It's new year and my age is added one more year. sigh I'm getting old day by day. Nonetheless! I should just enjoy and go with the flow. Am I right? Oh, sure I am. keke

I never celebrate new year anyway. Let's just proceed to the wishes. or hope or azam? This year, will not going to be many because, well you know, lesson learnt? keke So, here we go!


1. Get in the dean list.

2. Loss weight and maintain it.

3. Be happy.

So, yeah! That's it! That is my 2014 wishes. My wishes sure get mature by the year isn't it? Not some bunch of crap anymore. Oh, I'm so proud of myself. pat my own head
Happy two thousand fourteen everyone! 
and may the odds be upon your favor.
- amira_hasrori -

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