04 March 2014

Officially An Adult

Assalamualaikum :)

Twenty one years ago, at this exact time, a girl was born. And she was named; Fatin Amirah.

Hello! I tried to be serious but I just can't! So, yeah. I'm officially an adult now, by the age, but my mind and heart is forever seventeen! Yeahh! keke 

There's nothing much to say really. For the past twenty one years, I'm not sure if I live well or not. But I can be sure that for the upcoming years and more, I'll try my very best to live well and not live hell. 

As an adult, I wish that I can be a faithful servant to my God, an obedient daughter to my parents, an awesome sister to my siblings, a cool friend to my colleagues, and a grateful citizen to my country. lol

May Allah listen to my prayer. 

P/s: Let's recite Al-Fatihah to my colleague who lost her mother two days ago. Al-Fatihah.
Let's stay healthy and happy everyone ^^
- amira_hasrori -

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