16 September 2011

hoW tO becoMe a hEArtLess pErson

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there peeps!

I just wanted to answer a question from my dear friend, Izzatul Nazihah :)

Dear friend,

In your latest entry, you had asked how to be a so-called-heartless-person. In my opinion, there is no homo sapiens in this world born as heartless. They were only pretending to be one. A heartless person do cry also you know. But not in public. They either cried whenever they are alone or they don't cry at all. And just so you know, by not crying, it makes the heart ache more. Believe me, I knew how it felt.

There is no harm done if you cry, no harm if you be an emotional person because by having these emotion you proves that you are exactly a human. <<< what a weird sentence. well, never mind. haha.

So do cry. It can't kill people anyway :)

*Sorry, my English is not as good as yours.
**I guess that there is no correct or wrong answers to your question. And this was only my opinion.

Yours sincerely,
-amira hasrori-


Dorky Guy said...

boleh sebenarnya nak jadi heartless person.. tapi.. untuk apa? islam sendiri menggalakkan kita menyayangi sesama makhluk.. :) kalau hearless.. dah kufur nikmat la...

Izzatulisme said...

hahaha. its not that heartless. cuma lebih kebal. kebal yg kuat mental. hehe. btw, aku pun tak rasa menjadi heartless itu bagus, cuma at least lebih kebal. itu je kot.

~unlimited love~ said...

@dorky guy

boleh eah? haha, memang boleh pun. tak cakap pun tak boleh. :p
kufur nikmat eah? okay. faham dah. :)

~unlimited love~ said...


haila. opinion aku je ni. hehe. my definition of heartless is that no feeling. bila orang sakitkan hati dia, dia takde effect pun. camtu laa. tapi dia pendam, takde sorang pun tahu. that's my kind of heartless. :)

Aiman Nazirmuddin said...

ade ke org nak jadi heartless person. takut bertentangan je. haha. :)

~unlimited love~ said...

@Aiman Nazirmuddin

eh, mestilah ada. kott. hehe.


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